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17 surf-school in Playa De Las Americas Tenerife

Let’s check which are the best surf school in Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife!


Tenerife: one of the main destinations for surfing in the Canary Islands!

Las America has gained popularity over recent years. The different types of waves that adapt to any level of surfing, as well as the climate and environment, have contributed to this higher popularity.

If you’re wondering where to surf in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a top contender! By day, surf its reef breaks! Especially in the winter, the island gets a decent amount of reliable swell. And by night you should enjoy the desert island living on the beach with a drink in your hand!

Are you interested in surfing and exploring our surf school in  Tenerife?

view of Ika Ika + Friends Of the Ocean in front & Blackstone Surf School


Here you can check the map of the main Playa De Las Americas surf spots! Check our guide HERE!




Here below is the list of the best surf camps and surf schools for your Tenerife surf holiday!


Surf School - Ika Ika Surf School | Surf experience in TenerifeIka-ika Surf School is no doubt the most central and popular school in Las America. Thanks to her strategic position (right in front of the main best spot “el Medio”) Ika Ika provides a large space where you can rent different boards, schedule lessons, and use a very equipped locker room that not all the surf schools can provide. The atmosphere is very chill and cool, it has been recently renovated with an awesome ocean painting on the wall and a very nice garden full of flowers on the outside. For sure the number 1 in Las Americas!


Location —  click here


Contatta la scuola di surf a Tenerife - Tenerife Surf

Friends of the Ocean Surf School is one of the best surf schools in Tenerife with options for all experience levels. It is located right in front of Ika-ika surf school (that street is no doubt the main central area of Las Americas even for socializing and meeting new people and you can feel a very good surf vibe in the air. You’ll enjoy five semi-private lessons, gear rental, six nights accommodation, and breakfast included (they make awesome “cornetti al pistachio”).  The Baywatch Strand Team also suggests paddling or boat trips each morning based on your skill level.


Location —  click here

Genius@Work Portfolio - Surf Life Tenerife

When people think of surf schools, they may be picturing a rapidly growing community with lots of happy faces. Surf Life’s Tenerife surf camp not only offers a friendly atmosphere and a code of conduct, but also provides delicious food, a great vibe, and top-notch accommodation.

It’s also one of the best surf schools in Tenerife for beginner surfers. Guided by professionals, kids will have an observer to student instructing ratio. Lessons are largely tailored, ensuring everyone gets the equipment they need to learn the basics and access all aspects of Surfing in Tenerife. The Camp offers SPACIOUS accommodations that come with all the amenities one could want – wireless Internet, poolside barbecues, smartly located – at the town center.


Location — Parque Santiago 3 (underground level, Av. las Américas, 2, local 82, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna


Secret Surf School Tenerife

Located in Tenerife, Secret Surf School provides all-inclusive surf lessons. It has an outdoor pool and two-bedroom apartment with high-quality accommodation and personalized service for novice surfers to advanced surfers. Lessons are progress at the student’s individual level and Secret Surf School can accommodate small groups of people who share similar interests.


Location —  C. Martin Rodriguez, 38588 Porís de Abona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna


It’s not just about learning how to surf at Black Stone Surf School, it’s about the experience. The philosophy of this surf camp is to offer more than just surfing lessons to guests – you will find much more than that here. The wood design inside the place is very brand new and cool. They have a little shop inside the school with very cool surf staff, from surfing equipment to very cool black stone shirts, hats, fins, and everything you will need for your surf equipment.

Location — Playa de Las America, Ctra. TF-47, Km 5, 38677 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna



SurfareA is a brand new school that just opened a few months ago at the end of 2021. Domenico, the main instructor, is very focused on video tutorials and makes you feel comfortable on the board. He will take you to surf step by step with one of the best teaching lessons you could get on the island.

Domenico Instagram account

Location — Parque Santiago II CITY CENTER, AV/RAFAEL PUIG LLUVINA 19 C.C, LOCAL 97, 38660 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna


K16 Surf School has been running for 20 years at the hand of its owner and founder Jose … In 2001, K16 expanded to have a presence in several other popular surf spots.

It is located in Calle Mexico, the most famous surfing street in Las Americas right next to the bar “La Ola”, the most important coffee bar of Calle Mexico where all the surfers come to meet up after or before surfing and have breakfast or a snack altogether.

Karen, Kelly, and Rick all have one thing in common: their passion for surfing and the sea. They created SARTS as a way to funnel their knowledge and teach others what they know best.   K16 has been providing lessons for nearly 20 years and is the world’s #1 choice among surf schools. In that time, they have received thousands of compliments based on their quality, innovation, effort, and commitment.


Location – C. México, 47, 38660 Playa de la Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna


Tilegit Surf school is a brand new surf school is located in the heart of Parque Santiago. It has become very famous due to feature professional surfing coaches with over 15 years of experience like Nacho Sebastian and Paolo Giorgi (professional surfers and filmmakers — VIDEO ).

Paolo Giorgi       Nacho Sebastian

Usually, this surf school is a big attraction for young beautiful girls that want to have the best suggestions from the best surfers, and the human connection is always big! The Spirit hires only the best surf instructors who are also known for their love of teaching. They want to meet their surfer’s expectations by pushing them to their limit.

Location – HERE

And the good energy and vibe are guaranteed!


Kontrahola Surf School is located in Calle Mexico between Franz Surfboard and close to Rang Chen, a Chinese restaurant. It is one of the best schools, especially for beginners surfers. It has become famous thanks to a very unique and really nice instructor: Vicky! She will provide for you super precise instructions and tips but don’t judge her manners! You will see the final result at the end and you will be very happy!

Instagram Video        –        Vicky 

Location –  HERE


Franz SurfBoard School is one of the best in town for sure. Firstly because they have the cheapest rental price and second because they do have the best shaper and board manufacturer in town: Franz Surfboard (one of the most famous surf brands in Canarian islands). Jessica is one of the girls that work there, she is a very nice girl and she will help you to provide you with all the equipment you need and schedule your lesson. If you live on the island you will have a 30% discount on any service you will need.

Franz Surfboard Youtube Video

Location C. México, 15, 38660 Playa de la Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Fins First Surfschool was founded by a surfer and life-long waterman local surfer ‘Oli’. His co-founder is Dutchie Anne from Holland. They are experts in surf coaching and offer you the best waves in Europe.


Group lesson


Volcano Surfcamp Tenerife is located in the South of the island of Tenerife. With its location and climate, Volcano Surfcamp Tenerife offers more than just surfing to your vacation. Non-surfers can enjoy complimentary activities such as snorkeling, Stand up Paddle, Yoga, or Surf-skate classes (VIDEO), all at the site.

Where to book your lesson to the boss Umberto: +34637838660


Located 30 meters from the waves Shaka Surf  School offers classes for all levels and interests so that you can enjoy the ocean safely. They offer activities such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking to get up close with the sea life, in addition to surfing lessons. Ciro and Marcos are well-qualified surf instructors with over 20 years of experience.

These are the services they offer in this very clear page HERE 

The Tenerife Surf Point opened in 2013, continuing to grow since then. Its owner and first coach is Kristine Zukova. Kris has taught surfing all around the world and finally decided to settle in Tenerife after feeling the homey vibe. Kris began on Tenerife at the invitation of one of the surf schools in the south of Tenerife. Within the first months of starting teaching, the number of applicants seeking to learn to surf was so high that she sometimes needed to stay in water for up to 12 hours a day (each class lasts 2 hours). After working for 18 months at a stretch, Kris wanted a break-she quit and enjoyed surfing without teaching for a while. That time ended up being short-lived, however-the trainees wanted more from her continued guidance and made requests throughout the year, leading to growing success.

After teaching courses on how to surf, Ocean Surf School team of instructors wants to provide a family-fun environment. Their aim is to make sure that people come away feeling like they’ve made new friends and had an amazing time. They also offer extra activities like going with the dolphins, jet skiing, Teide excursions, and scuba courses.

The instructors Estela and Angel of SurfSchool Sb  Surf Academy are able to provide their students with perfect conditions. They know where to find the best spots, how to provide great theory, and they also teach private lessons.

Fun is guaranteed and Angel also conveys a great atmosphere. They are designed for all levels: beginner, amateur, or advanced. All students get individualized attention and they can follow the theory and practice of surfing lessons in Ruotee’s Covid-measures. The material is great, their programs are unpolluted,  100% recommended!

All of our GreenWave Surf Shool coaches are locals and live in Tenerife from the very beginning with decades of surf experience, they are familiar with the diverse conditions of the Atlantic ocean. Located in the north of Tenerife they also organize social experiences like the clean up of the beach to preserve the beauties of the north of the island!

GW Surf Coaches
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