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Surf Shop Underground celebrates 10 years with a surfing giveaway!



In the epicenter of Las Americas surfing kingdom, we have found a beautiful shop dedicated to what we love the most:

Surf Shop Underground

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 Since it emerged on the south coast of Tenerife in October 2013, this place has been more than just a shop.

With a philosophy rooted in real values like RECYCLE, REUSE, RESPECT, AND SURF, Surf Shop Underground stands out as a wave of sustainability in the vast ocean of surfing equipment.

Ten years since first opening its doors, Surf Shop Underground has grown into one of the most highly regarded surf shop venues in all  Tenerife, becoming the epicenter of surfing second-hand selling surfboards.

Ten years since first opening its doors and run by true surfing “aficionados”, this seaside sanctuary is committed to ensuring that every used surfboard, bodyboard, or skateboard gear has a story to tell—a story of environmental respect and passion for surfing.



The local surf shop, owned and operated by Mauricio, is filled with trendy surf and skate clothes, and one of the largest selections of sandals and other surfing-beach materials!

During these 10 years, this wise surfer man has been always ready to guide experienced customers, intermediate customers, and beginner customers to their right shape and their special board treatment; from ding repair to choosing surfboards based on different inputs, transforming each meeting into a special surfing analysis experience.



From those modest beginnings with just 17 surfboards and a couple of skateboards, Surf Shop Underground consistently expanded its range.

Today, boasting over 250 surfboards, bodyboards, and skateboards, the store has transformed into an epic collection of surfing experiences.



But now it is time to party for the 10th anniversary!

Ten years of sunsets and sunrises among the waves, a decade of sunshine and tides.



To celebrate this event the store has a breathtaking surprise: a contest on their Instagram channel that will give away different valuable surfboards custom-created through a collaboration with the famous local island shaper of Franz Surfboards.

But the celebrations don’t end here!

There will be more rewards, surprises, and an atmosphere full of energy and fun. It’s Surf Shop Underground‘s way of thanking everyone who has supported this ten-year adventure and continuing to grow alongside a community of surf enthusiasts.

Furthermore, for those seeking a deeper connection with surfing and the ocean, Surf Shop Underground has introduced its




This club provides equipment rentals, personal lockers for safekeeping your belongings, and both team and private surf lessons, allowing you to immerse yourself in the waves with expert instructors.

This surf shop is dedicated to curating a distinctive collection of custom surfboards known as



These unique boards are meticulously designed on-site and skillfully crafted by local shapers. This steadfast commitment to the local community not only champions sustainability but also ensures the availability of top-notch equipment at affordable and competitive prices.



Surf Shop Underground maintains an active social media presence on platforms such as




extending an open invitation to all to join and follow their pages.

By doing so, you can stay informed about the latest developments, and upcoming contests, and immerse yourself in the distinctive atmosphere of this surf heaven.

At Surf Shop Underground, it’s more than just a shop, it’s a community of passionate surfers, a journey, and a deep connection with the board that fits for you.

It signifies a profound bond with the ocean, surfing, and a community of passionate wave enthusiasts. As they mark an incredible ten-year milestone, they warmly welcome all to celebrate this journey, inviting you to join in and immerse yourself in the surf life experience.

It’s not just a business; it’s a lifestyle, an unending wave they’re devoted to ride our incredible mother ocean.


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