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Where Are The Best 8 Skateparks In Tenerife?

First thing first, let’s see the origins and real definition of a skatepark.

Whether you are a beginner or a crazy skater, here you’ll find a little bit of everything about skateparks and their origins since the beginning of time.

A skatepark is a space in which skaters can perform tricks on ramps known as pipes or half-pipes. BMX riders and aggressive inline skaters are also able to perform tricks in a skatepark.

In Florida, the first skatepark was opened in 1976. The boards passed from the traditional seven to nine-inch size over time, and it was Alan Ollie Gelfand the one who invented the ollie: raising the board without using his hands.

Skateboarding has changed a lot since the 1950s; it has become a multi-million dollar industry that impacts the lives of millions of people around the world. In its history, skateboarding has had museums dedicated to it, honored its hall of fame, and documented its story, cementing itself in the hearts and minds of culture. The ramp that launched California in 1950 sparked the torch for skateboarding to be passed on to future generations through periods of prosperity and popularity. In these decades, skateboarding survived upswings and downturns in economic prosperity and mainstream popularity. Different people have shone or dominated under the spotlight at their own time and each of them brought something important to the table.

Skateboarding practicing: what do you need to kick-off?

Beginning skateboarding is something that is simply for everyone. The essential thing is to be provided with: a skateboard, which is a wooden board crafted in layers in such a way that makes it equally rigid and flexible.
The board must be armed with wheels that are mounted on precision bearings and jointed bindings that allow steering; protective equipment including helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads; a paved road or skatepark.
There are several types of specialties among which the most important are: the slalom, the long jump, street-skating, vertical skating, and the freestyle. Depending on the level of practice, skateboarding becomes an acrobatic sport that can be performed in the street (although in many places it is prohibited) or where present, in skateparks, which are places that can have ramps, handrails and other types of structures made for jumps and tricks (maneuvers).


Anybody on the island of Tenerife knows just a few skateparks, the main ones like the great Las Americas Skatepark and El Médano Skatepark. But there are a lot more that are less popular that are worth a visit. Discover our exclusive list of the best parks for skating in Tenerife!


Skatepark Punta Del Hidalgo

Great news!

The OAD (Organismo Autónomo de Deportes) undertook reforms at the skatepark for the last few weeks.

This facility, which was put into use 20 years ago, is still in good shape, but needed maintenance. The rails were changed to get the right angles. The pavement was also repaired to cover existing cracks, especially in the curved areas. The edges and wings were also fixed with new material. A second ramp and two steps have been added, along with a general painting of the concrete surface after polishing it with special products for flooring that needs this special care.

In addition, work has been done on a pyramid-shaped structure in the center of the facility: its acute angles made it unsuitable for use – these angles have been modified for entry curves appropriate for its function. All these modernization works were carried out in consultation with Jorge Salazar ‘Coco,’ monitor of the municipal skate school.

The skatepark will open on Tuesday, June 2.

Where is it? →  https://bit.ly/3Gq0OYP 

Skatepark San Antonio

This skatepark located in Puerto de La Cruz is not a huge park, but it’s nice. It’s located in a residential area that is quiet in the evenings, with beautiful sunsets over the roofs. In the daytime, it can be hot as there is no shade anywhere; the pool is great fun. There are two different sections with different depths and lots of hips to catch speed on.

Where is it? →  https://bit.ly/3lElq6a

Skatepark La Granja

A skatepark is placed in the middle of a scenic location within a quiet and cool atmosphere. La Granja skatepark is in the middle of a beautiful environment. It’s very clean, with good seams, and is perfect for street skating or flow. The only downside is that it has no bowls or ramps, but it is considered one of the best skateparks in the Canary Islands!

Where is it? → https://bit.ly/3sVS3An

Alcalá Skatepark

The official name of the club is Alcalá Skate, which stands for non-profit, founded in 2021 to be a school and summer camp related to the world of skateboarding. The town has been supportive throughout its growth and has built a nice place to skate later on. The reason behind the club is that they wanted a place to skate and love Alcalá. They are also backed by the Councillor for Sports of the City of Guía de Isora. On March 25, 2021, they have implemented the Skatepark of Alcalá with a new ramp with dimensions of 6 meters wide by 1.60 meters high, now it’s time to enjoy it!

Where is it? → https://bit.ly/3GklJwl

AJ Project Indoor

AJ Project Indoor comes from an idea of a team of passionate skateboarders, in AJ Project Indoor you will find hard-core material from the best skateboard brands. If you want to practice, even in bad weather conditions, this is your place. They also provide equipment, lessons, and a skate campus. Inside the building, there are even entertainment games to chill with friends after skateboarding. This place is good both for kids, beginners, and experts.

Where is it? →  https://bit.ly/3sSS1cb

Skatepark Los Realejos

Los Realejos Skatepark is an outdoor concrete skatepark built in 2009. The park was the best in Santa Cruz de Tenerife when it first opened. It features a bowl, stairs, a beautiful pyre, and more.

Where is it? → https://bit.ly/3NxqOE3


Skatepark La Orotava

La Orovata Skatepark is an enjoyable skatepark. There are different obstacles such as funbox, rails, bank, and kicker. The skatepark is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it has a wide flat surface.

Where is it? →  https://bit.ly/3MUj67a

Skatepark and BMX Circuit Las Chafiras


The work is in progress to make two different spots all in one place: a skatepark and a BMX circuit, in Las Chafiras. The complex will have 8,000 square meters of sports facilities and shaded areas. The park will also have shaded areas, and benches, and it will be accessible to people with disabilities, making it a great spot for outdoor leisure time for anyone.

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