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The Best Surf Spot in Tenerife South


Let’s see which are the best surf spot in Tenerife South!

With cheap surf holidays and affordable car rental, Tenerife is a great short-haul destination and it has always been considered “the European Hawaii“.


Photo by www.surfcamp.it

The main season is for sure September to March when our magic Atlantic Ocean produces the strongest winter swell. You will be pretty safe to be almost sure 99% to have consistent frequent swell almost every day during the months of December – January and February, the main winter with different storms along the way.

The surf spot map could be divided into 2 main parts: the north shore and the south shore.

Both sides offer slightly different conditions for surfers. One is busier thanks to being close to all the major resorts, but it does attract some gnarlier waves in winter. The other is quieter and is more fitting for novice surfers or those seeking less crowded beaches, but it’s situated next to a road that can be an eyesore.





The climate is subtropical oceanic on the coast, that is, very mild and sunny most of the year, with little rainfall concentrated in the period from October to March.

The South Shores presents volcanic vegetation, pretty similar to the California dry vegetation: cactus, very few green and very dry climate with very few green plants. Let’s see which are the best surfspot in Tenerife South !








Tenerife South is home to a number of wave breaks that offer reef, beach, and point breaks in “desert-California” vegetation with epic sea blue water. With beautiful waves throughout the year and blessed with warm weather Playa De Las Americas it’s considered one of the best surf spots in all Europe and it has been called many times “The Hawaii of Europe”.With its more than 10 surf-spot, one next to the other Playa de Las Americas reef-coast is for sure the number one zone for quality surfing in the south side of Tenerife Island and volcanic-shaped waves like Hawaii.

The ideal swell during the winter season would come from the northwest.

The ideal swell during the summer season would come from the southwest.

Waves quality can become world-class – epic mode, but if you can’t handle the high-level crowd is better you don’t go in the water!



Let’s have a look in detail which is the list of the best spot and their characteristic:


  1. IZQUIERDA DE LA PALMERA: the best quality left of the island: a reef point left shaped wave that can make more than 3 sections and offer different maneuvers to make, when the tide is high it can get very shallow and this awesome iframe wave  (in the right part) can offer crazy air jumps and kamikaze surf maneuvers and getting barreled. For sure it has been considered from the world surf community one of the best left-wave of the island, local surfers call it “Palmera”. The best surfing conditions occur between October and March but it can range from August until June. Every year in March usually World Surf League community organizes a 1500 pt tournament in Palmeras. Until now this event has been considered the most important surf competition of all Canarian Islands. It is a wave very localized of course, and you will have very few chances to ride it, even if you are a very good surfer or pro-surfer. But don’t worry, there is much others spot to find and look at.



2. GANCITO:  a right wave perfect and shallow just in front of Papagayo Beach and next to Palmera. This beautiful wave can offer a lot of performance but the problem is that it going to appear just if the northwest swell will be more than 2metres, otherwise it will not work and break properly.



3. EL MEDIO: this spilling-left wave right before Las Palmera is considered the most popular wave for the wanna-be surfer and intermediate lever surfer community. Actually, it can get perfect, especially with northwest swell and medium tide with more than 3 sections to ride. El Medio is considered the launchpad for any surfer that wants to make his surfing more serious and not just a vacation. It is not so localized but remembers to follow the rules and respect any surfer. It can get very crowded but the level in the water is usually not that high.

You can watch the Instagram Reels Video we have made in El Medio by clicking HERE.



4. LA FITENIA: this exposed reef break, which waves for intermediate surfers on both the left and right, is ideal for surfers who aren’t looking for a big challenge but still enjoy being near the action. La Fitenia is also halfway between the end of Las Americas and the beginning of Los Cristianos and its sandy beaches like Playa Las Vistas or Playa El Camison.  The right and left break reef wave usually have to spill form, but when it gets more than 5 feet can become a very slabbing and dangerous wave. South Swell is the most convenient for the best quality wave but it also works with northwest swell and north swell. La Fitenia is at its best during spring and summer but his ocean break consistently provides surf throughout the year.



5. DERECHA: located in front of Metropolis Bar, a very famous bar where all the local surfers meet up, Derecha wave provides a great alternative to Iziquierda de Las Palmeras. It has been considered the best right wave of the place and it can get epic quality surf giving you one of the best surfing days of your life. When the condition is big it works will tide, but watch out from the high tide because the reef break is super-shallow and you can get barrelled very easily. Be very careful if your level is not very good: you can risk having serious damage on your body hitting rocks or getting smashed from very powerful waves (for sure it is the wave where a lot of people got injured smacking the bottom of the sea). The surfing level here is very high and for local pros only, so be aware to enter here if you are not in big shape because you will have to face very hungry local people that for sure will not appreciate your risking-attitude.


You can watch the Instagram Reels Video we have made in Derecha by clicking HERE.


6. BUNKER: it’s your best option if you like shallow, mushy waves that shape up at the slightest hint of a northwest swell.  After a challenging paddle on the small, at times shallow reef, be prepared for either a FlightTicket First Class or a ticket for a long paddle back.  “The Bunker” (it has been called like this because the war bunker in front of it)  provides a four-footer that is rideable left or right when the tide is high.





Punta Blanca is located  between Alcala and Los Gigantes beaches here.



Without a doubt, one of Tenerife’s most beloved surfing destinations. Maybe this is due to its wild and pure surroundings and its unique microclimate (differently from Las Americas where the ambient is very touristic with big hotel and touristic facilities around). You can find short and foaming waves that make it a bodyboarding spot.

The area is very wild and close to the platano fields (little bananas that make Tenerife the biggest exporter in the world). You can go surfing in 2 different breaks, one closer to the beach and the other close to the pick.

Both of them are very local places so be aware to be respectful and of course at the right level to not bother the local surfing community. Being respectful and nice with the surrounding will be always appreciated by the residents of the island. This break is much more solid than Las America and you will have a drop more difficult and not easy for first-intermediate surfers (for sure NOT for beginners). The swell can be surfable until double overhead size.




Poris de Abona is located in the southeast part of the island here. The village of Poris de Abona is called El Poris by local surfers. A beautiful beach-break spot with different peaks mixed with the reef. When it’s small you will find an awesome spot, especially for beginner people. You will find an Italian surf school called Secret Surf School that organizes lessons and where you can rent your surf equipment. It is great also for windsurfing when the wind gets up, the waves here are best in NE to NE winds.

Sometimes if the northerly wind doesn’t enter totally into El Medano, it offers a SSW wind for jumping and surfing but only for a short time. If lucky, you might have a very nice session with minimal competition.





Medano and Las Galletas are the southeast surf spot you can find on the island and you can find them here.

Medano spot is pretty accommodating for all skill levels.  For beginners, there’s a second bay with little waves and a clear beach without rocks where it’s easy to learn everything. In the main bay, it’s also easy to learn, but you must be careful with the rocks. The main bay can also be split into two different spots: close to the Atlantic Playa Hotel where the water is flat and has small-to-moderate waves, and by Medano Beach where you can take on big waves and have the most beautiful jumpoffs around. But be careful because of the rocks! There are quite a few rocks just below the surface of the water that you’ll probably wreck your equipment on if you swim out. It’s pretty easy to park close to your surf spot — there are enough parking spaces.

For classic surfing the best swell direction is the south, that’s why during the summer you get consistency and good waves. During this season it is considered one of the best surf spots to hang out. It is considered the capital of kite surfing but I can host both sports. Medano is always windy all the year so if you don’t like the wind we would suggest you change location!



The waves in Las Galletas are created by offshore winds coming from the north northeast. This break has consistent surfing conditions in the spring and summer when the surf is largest with the south swell coming from Senegal and the Almandine peninsula. You can find the spot here.




Located between El Dedo Spot and Derecha Spot Piscinas surf Spot offers the best compromise for a beginner-intermediate surfer. Especially in the summer, South Swell ocean power makes beautiful sets that can produce a perfect long section that connects with Derecha. During the winter the wave is usually not very consistent and sharp but always offers a good bath and alternative to the crowded local Derecha.

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