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7 Best Tenerife Windsurf Schools in El Médano

First things first: what is windsurfing?

Let´s say that if you´re looking for an activity to do when the waves are flat, windsurfing can be a great option. In fact, it has the potential to be enjoyed in harps and lakes without requiring surf-like conditions, which is simply amazing! 

In simple terms, it can be defined as a meeting point between surfing and sailing: performed on a sailboard, its purpose is to harness the power of the wind to gain speed on the water. Specifically, windsurfing can take on different nuances, and based on these, the type of board used also changes. To give a concrete example, speed and wave windsurfers typically use smaller and lighter boards while beginners or some freestyle users need a heavier board.

 Instead, as far as the choice of sails is concerned, it depends on the wind speed at which you want to use them: in heavier winds, smaller sails are used. Conversely, larger sails are used in lighter winds because of their wider extremities, which makes it easier to catch them. 

Even though equipment advancements over the past few decades have made it a much easier sport to participate in, windsurfing is definitely a challenging activity, as it requires both physical and mental abilities, like sharpness and balance. 

As for surfing, Costa Adeje offers great opportunities for those who want to dedicate themselves to this sport. Let´s find out together which are the best windsurfing schools in one of the most spectacular spots in the south of the Island, El Médano.

Red Rock Surf  & Kite Academy 

The Red Rock Surf & Kite Academy, located on the beachfront, is one of the main schools on the island, as it offers surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing lessons!

They have private classes available as well as general classes, in a maximum of four participant settings, held by instructors that speak several languages, which is great for those foreigners who want to take lessons and understand each step! 

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The school also offers a service to rent boards and sails of different sizes, which depends on both the variable climatic conditions and your preferences!

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Tenerife Windsurf Solution

Right in front of the beaches of El Médano, you´ll find the World Champion TWS, whose concept exclusively revolves around windsurfing. In addition to fantastic, multilingual, and professional teachers, the school is known throughout Europe for the premium equipment it offers, which comes directly from the best windsurfing brands. Did you know that they are always the first in the World to receive the new collections of windsurfing gear? This means that even before the boards are available in stores, you will certainly find them here!

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Surf Center Playa Sur

Just 50 meters from the shore, The Surf Center Playa Sur offers its customers a complete package of windsurfing, sup, and kitesurfing lessons held by teachers who come from all over Europe: Germany, Spain, Italy, and even Uruguay!

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The school doesn´t only rent all the necessary equipment but it has been offering a repairing service for over 30 years! About the sailboard you choose, you´ll get some kind of exclusivity on it,  since you´ll be the only one using it throughout your stay or training period. The mind-blowing thing about the Surf Center is that if you take a look at their official website, you´ll find a webcam, forecasts, and an anemometer, that allow you to check the waves, and the weather conditions, and the power of the wind, 24/7!

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Ocean Calling Canarias

The Ocean Calling Canarias is an academy that offers courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced and even extra tips courses to improve your technique. The equipment rental works the same way: as for the pro rental, the school is the distributor and test center of RRD International and Simmer Style, which includes about 60 boards and 90 rigged sails. Instead, the beginner rentals are designed for those that need the practice to improve their level and the packs are flexible, which means that you can use your board whenever you like during your stay! 

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Duotone Pro Center 

The Duotone Pro Center offers courses suitable for all levels and besides that, specific lessons in wave-riding, front and back loops, and master slalom. All of it is available in Spanish, English, German, Italian and French, thanks to the trainers´ internationality. The lessons include both practical and theoretical exercises, which can vary according to the package you decide to buy and your skills. Moreover, the gear they provide is always the best and the latest on the market!

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Godzilla Surf Shop

The Godzilla Surf, both school, and shop, organizes its lessons on the shores of Playa del Pueblo for people of any age and level. The instructors are well known for their willingness to follow each client step by step and for the dynamic and fun lessons they held every day. The school also stands out for providing one of the best equipment on the island, in collaboration with the most popular brands!

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Surf Hub Tenerife, a water sports themed complex that recently opened in 2020, was founded by Windsurf World Slalom Champion 2016 and 3x Vice World Champion Matteo Iachino and Harco-Jan Folkerts, owner of the TWS windsurf school. The Surf Hub offers surfers everything they need to accomplish new heights in this impressive sport, including lessons and coaching sessions that are tailored to their every need. Saverne, which is Surf Hub’s best partner, provides windsurfers with all the best equipment, necessary to carry out their activities to the fullest, and all the products can be found directly inside the school.

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