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Best Bike, Scooter and E-Scooter Rentals in Tenerife

First thing first, why you should go for a bike, scooter, and e-scooter rentals instead of a car in Tenerife?

From a driver’s standpoint, parking in Tenerife is a nightmare. The local authorities seem to do things purposefully to make life difficult for drivers as they provide no viable alternative. Parking spaces mysteriously disappear every year to be replaced by pretty new flower beds or ugly decorations. Drivers often have to park hundreds of meters away from their destination. Meanwhile, traffic levels are rising, which leaves more and more drivers chasing fewer and fewer parking spaces. Drivers with tight deadlines often have no choice but to resort to expensive paid parking options.

There has been a significant increase in traffic and a decrease in parking spaces but with a bike (also electric) or a scooter you can avoid these stressful situations easily. 

Regarding electric scooters, however, it is essential to know and follow safety rules to prevent accidents and injuries. In fact, the Policía Local de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is increasing controls to regulate the use of scooters and protect the riders, other drivers, and pedestrians.

More, if you are looking for somewhere hot and sunny to cycle, then Tenerife is the place for you because it also has fantastic smooth roads, so this island is perfect for cyclists.

Pegaso is the first shared mobility electric scooter company in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the only locally sourced company in the Canary Islands. Electric scooters are now spread throughout the city and anyone can pick it up in one place and drop it off in the other. In order to rent an electric scooter, download the application, register, and charge your account. The rented scooter can only circulate within the location designated on the app’s map. When you park, take a picture of your parked spot using the app to end your rental period. Each rented scooter is GPS-enabled and communicates its status with the server. At the moment Pegaso offers its services in the following cities: Santa Cruz, Los Gigantes, and Playa Paraiso but we hope they will expand their services soon to other crucial areas such as Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

Bike Point is a great place to rent bikes, both racing and mountain bikes, as well as pedal-assist bicycles. The staff is efficient and courteous, they can recommend the bicycle that suits you the most and provide you with all the information about any bike tour. if you have to wait for your bike to be fixed you can find an Italian bar nearby, where you can enjoy a coffee meanwhile. Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in Las Americas), this is the place to go for a wide selection at very reasonable prices. They have three shops on the island: Las Americas, El Médano and Callao Salvaje.

This place is not a rental shop but, if you have any problem with your personal e-scooter or you just want to personalize it they will make it. DoctorSur provides a solution for those who have any problems with their skateboard and e-scooter (patinete) thanks to their wide variety of replacement parts and efficient service.


Renting a scooter or motorcycle from Cafe Motorbike means that you won’t need to go to their store because they will bring it to you. They rent scooters and motorcycles and, included with the service they provide you with new helmets and other equipment to keep you safe. Their fleet is pretty wide and it includes Peugeot, Piaggio, Yamaha, and Honda from 125cc to 1300cc, all new and conveniently delivered. You can pay by cash or credit card.

At Easybike you can rent bicycles at the best prices and they provide also delivery service. With very nice employees this rental shop provides helmets, cell phone holders, and locks, all included in the e-mountain bike rental price. The bikes are absolutely fantastic and the fleet is very wide for all the different levels and needs. Their success is based on adapting to their customer’s requests and you can easily book your bicycle online. More, if you need to repair something they will do it in no time and for a fair price, eventually, you can also ask for a home reparation service.


E-EcoCanarias is a shop in Tenerife that rents and sells mobility scooters and e-scooters.  They have a selection of the best electric vehicles, for all types of terrain. Private individuals and companies can purchase from them to suit their needs. They also make and repair lithium batteries and the rental price for their scooters includes insurance, deliveries, and pickups.

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