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Best 40 Surf Photographers of Playa De Las Americas


Do you know who are the 40 best surf photographers in Playa De Las Americas?

Surf photography is blowing up on social media sites such as Instagram.

Do you recommend pursuing a career as a photographer? If you want to make surf photography your full-time career, you have to travel the world and keep yourself in demand. But if the photographer is passionate about it, it’s worth it. It’s a labor of love. Surf photography is often difficult because of equipment and building a name, but technology has simplified the process and made it easier for anyone to participate. With many photo agencies always looking for new content, the process can be lucrative, but it takes time and experience to build a website or portfolio.

Surf Photography is a safe hobby, not a lucrative career besides very few cases!

In surfing professional photography you want the scene, how the elements are arranged, what kind of light there is, and then how well the surfer is doing. Photographers need to know their surroundings to capture the best shot of the surfer, but they also need to know what the surfer is feeling in order to catch them in a stunning frame.

Your frames must tell a story. It could be the story of an unforgettable moment, or it could be a strange connection between the rider and Mother Nature.

Here you can click on our list of who are the best surf photographers in the world!

So have you ever wondered who are the best surf photographers in Las Americas in 2022? We have made a list


SantaCruzFotoLab is no doubt the number one actor in the scene.


With more than 10 years of experience, Fabio is one of the best surf photographers. He will give you the ability to get the shots and footage you want. It is one of the only authorized photography in Las America and they have developed a very good website where you can easily download your picture or your video all automatically in a very good fast system.

Every decent swell day they are always working from the shore in order to capture the best frames of the day. After the photography session, they will upload their work in a very good fluent database (on their website) where you will be able to download and pay for the photo you want for very good prices (3€ per photo)!



If you want a video session they have a team of guys that will cover your surfing sesh without missing any wave, they charge for a private video session around 30€. Trust me the price is worth it! Their camera is a 3000€ Panasonic that will make the most high-quality video in the water you could think of, for sure the number one on the island! If you want to have more information check their Instagram!


© SantaCruzFotoLab photo
© SantaCruzFotoLab photo
© SantaCruzFotoLab photo

SantaCruzFotoLab is not the only operator in town.


Check out the Playa De Las Americas finest surf photographers below. You can purchase their prints on their websites to support them in their work. Make sure to contact us if you would like to be included on this list!

Here we have made a list of the most important ones that you can find on Instagram and contact them!



  1. Micheal Mayer     – Michaelmaeyer            
  2. lasamericafreesurf 
  3. Joaquin Adan Adan  — Adanadanj
  4. Manuel Wave
  5. Diego Borges – Diegoborges.es
  6. Alberto Tantalo
  7. Tomas.M. Photography 
  8. Antonio Toca — SurfPhotos_tnf
  9. Markus Pilz  – Impressions_of_the_deep
  10. Xavier Mestday – Xavi_raw
  11. Fabio y el surf — Fabz_surf_photos
  12. Ciro Semeeraro — Semerarociro
  13. Surfmoments.ic 
  14. One Eleven Photos
  15. Antonio Toca – Antoniotoca.photography
  16. Pablo Martinez – Polyya
  17. Tomas Mihalik – Tomino.mhlk
  18. MirianmJ Anna – Miriam_joanna_art
  19. Ale Fumero – Waxnwaves
  20. Luis Bento -LuisBento.com
  21.  Mar Pixel’s – mar_pixels
  22.  Geo Schneider – photographed.by.geoo
  23. Fabio Santucci – fabz_surf_photos
  24. Andres Padulo Zambrano – andres_padulo
  25. Heidi Hansen – heidihansenphotography_ocean
  26.  Mar Pixel’s – mar_pixels
  27. Alexia Lahoud – alexialahoudphotos

  28. Mehdi Allam – mehdi.allam.media
  29. Jairo Diaz – jairopacwaves
  30. Big Fella Studio – big_fella_studio
  31. Photo Medano
  32. wolves_sessions
  33. Fotografia & Drone Tenerife – photographer_onair
  34. Joel GL – photoyoll
  35. C.A.O. Photo- c.a.o._
  36. Adventure Photography 6 humans – liquido_elemento
  37. Surfing Photos And Videos – surfing_las_americas
  38. Mc photo & video – mcphotovideo
  39. Ben Holland – benholland.photo
  40. Jairo Diaz / photographer – jairopacwaves
  41. Justas Vaidogas – justas.v.photo
  42. Eric Aeder Photography – erikaederphotography
  43. hightide._.photography
  44. Photo Surf Canary Island – photo_surf_canary_island
  45. James Panter – photographer – jpanter_photographer
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