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6 Of The Best Disco for Party In Tenerife

First thing first, what does it mean to party in Tenerife?

To party is to enjoy yourself and have a good time, especially at a social event while drinking good cocktails, dancing and sharing memorable moments with your friends. All of this is framed by stunning locations with amazing sunsets and people who really live their life to the fullest, embracing sea and sunsets. In Spanish they say “Disfrutar de la vida”, which means appreciating life and having fun. No matter your taste, age or budget, there is nightlife to satisfy any kind of personality in Tenerife. Whether you are looking for rowdy bars or stylish hangouts, the Island will provide an extremely wide variety of options for night party and dancing.

Among Canary Islands, which one wins in terms of nightlife?

When the sun goes down and the lights come on, the nightlife awakens. Among Canary Islands, Tenerife is the most chosen from clubbers for its party clubs and dancing locations. The Island has a booming nightlife, particularly in Santa Cruz but mainly in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. Tenerife is considered a “nightlife mecca” by many. One of the best places to find disco and great nightlife, as we were mentioning, is Playa de Las Américas. As the most appealing party spot on Tenerife, you’ll find yourself with many places, club, disco and pub to enjoy the night, or lounge by the shoreline and meet new friends.

Let’s see our bucket list of the best disco clubs in South Tenerife. Sit tight and get ready to party hard!



The Papagayo Beach Club is a glamorous location that offers unique sensations while experiencing moments of fun and evasion. Papagayo’s innovative approach to entertainment takes cues from electronic music culture, live performances and their signature cocktails. Papagayo is all this: culture and nightlife, gastronomy and unrepeatable moments. Fridays and Saturdays are the days when there is usually the most partying at night, where you can rock out on the dance floor or book a gazebo in front of the sea and under the stars. We suggest going there early, around 11 pm, in order to avoid long queue at the entrance!

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The Monkey Beach Club comes with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and is a prime location on the Tenerife sands at Playa la Troya. The club is lively, making it perfect for an enjoyable evening. Three different spaces where you can enjoy any type of plan; aperitifs, lunches, dinners, sunsets, cocktails and party. At night time, there’s a beautiful sunset and you can smell the sea air. Taste is also a part of their experience, with high-end sushi and food of all kinds. With great and strong drinks, music, and entertainment in summertime, this party club will keep you entertained all night long. Sundays are a must, with the best of food and the best entertainment. You’ll find live music and an “aperitivo” in the late afternoon which will prepare you for a night of drinking and dancing until late-night.

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La Terrazza del Mare is a versatile place in Tenerife, hosting high-quality musical performances in the evening and other activities during the day. It has a unique modern setting that takes you to exotic destinations. It can also be a perfect place for an unforgettable happy hour or dinner with a stunning view, shisha, music and cocktails. La Terrazza del Mare invites you to live memorable moments 24 hours a day. You will be able to immortalize amazing memories by feeling the sea breeze, and enjoy what is one of a kind destination. La Terrazza del Mare is synonymous of a romantic evening, dinner with friends, music, fashion, celebrations, the ideal place for any special occasion or simply a different option where you can plan your time of enjoyment and leisure, living every moment to the fullest.

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A must-go place if you want to have fun with friends. At Achaman Discopub you can find DJs set, live events, dance classes and affordable cocktails. Always full of people but as it is large and roomy you can dance and have fun anywhere. Is hard to find a queue to get in and it has at least 4 bar points to request drinks. The party starts from Monday to Sunday, every night. You’ll find that the environment is welcoming every day and even more from Wednesdays on, when the best events come out. It is both indoors and outdoors, with plenty of sofas to sit on. If you like reggaeton and Latin music it’s the place for you!

Go check all the events here!



Among the best discos in Tenerife there is also the Casablanca Discobar. For more than 32 years it has been one of the most important meeting points for nightlife in the south of Tenerife. Located in the bustling San Telmo area of Los Cristianos, with a terrace overlooking Las Vistas beach, it offers a selection of cocktails, shisha and tapas to tempt you every day from 4 pm. Towards evening the place fills up as soon as the DJs start playing, with different nights and musical genres such as techno, raggaeton, house and more. The area with pool and other games allows you to rest your feet between songs while enjoying the company. Usually from Wednesday till Saturday, every night you will find a different party event and music.

Discover more on their Instagram feed here!



Last but not least, there is the Dan Glade Viking, better known as Vikings Pub Tenerife. It is the legendary place of Las Américas, in the past, it was a pub and restaurant but now it comes with a new concept still maintaining its old characteristic essence Vikinga. With drinks, DJs, promos and a lot of fun, every night throughout the week you will find good vibes, great DJs and a variety of music styles that include salsa/bachata, techno and house. Located in the basement of a building the pub has a large, open-plan space with an excellent terrace, they serve ice-cold Dorada beers and affordable cocktails. It is the perfect place to chill or dance with your friends!

Discover more on their Instagram feed here!

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