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5 Best Breakfast Surf Bars in Playa de Las Americas


La Ola Bar

For sure the best and most popular breakfast surf bar in Playa De Las Americas for the surfer community.

Located in the middle of a brand new renovated street of Calle Mexico, La Ola Bar represents for sure the “Cappuccino” quality center of the entire city of Arona and it is all managed by Italian wise coffee lovers!



The atmosphere is wonderful and you can really breathe the surfing air and the good music vibe. A lot of Italian people come here to join the good Italian street food (bruschetta, focaccia, tramezzini, bowls, croissant). There are always at least two very nice cute Italian girls that will serve you in a really fast way compared to all the other bars that still want to keep the “island lazy Canarian service”, no offense!



The bar closes at 20.30 but during the Aperitivo time the beer is only 1€ and you will be able to taste different salty snacks for free.

Excellent venue, very good prices, brilliant time!







Big Wave Bar

This brand new bar is located in the heart of Calle Mexico, just in front of the previous bar. The place is owned and managed by a very cool Italian young people team (Vincenzo & Lidia), and a good vibe is guaranteed!

Watch this VIDEO to have a better look at this brand new bar!


Vincenzo the boss



Friends of the Ocean



This is a proper surfers bar. It has been gained a lot of popularity due to its very popular pistachio and Nutella brioche, simply amazing!

It’s a cool bar, eclectic decor, and furnishings including plenty of seating options spread throughout this bar both inside and outside in their beer garden.
Coffee is amazing with proper Italian coffee expensive machine.  From the first sip till the last sup you can tell they use quality ingredients in their coffee and take great pride in the coffee they serve.



The crowd is very young and involved in surfing. They do have a fantastic terrace with excellent seating options and very friendly staff. The pricing is super good compared to all the other bars that speculate for the very touristic area with a lower quality of food and drinks. The burgers are superb!

Great time, it’s easy to locate along with Paseo Guadalajara and is most definitely well worth checking out if you’re in the area. It is very easy to find from Playa de las Américas it’s a short walk.
Opening Hours.
Monday-Sunday-09.00-21.00. The owner of the place is called Amedeo and he’s a very nice Sicilian guy, a very good surfer!







Lovely views, coffee nice and staff really friendly!

Talking about coffee quality Starbucks is always a guaranteed brand of all the world, and in las America too!

Located in the Siam Mall, 5 minutes car from the sea, Starbucks offers very good coffee with central American quality seeds.  Nonetheless, it is new and a nice outdoor space to get a refreshing drink. It is less than 5 euros taxi from Playas de las Americas. The place is a little more expensive compared to the others we described above but still, it is one of the best in Las Americas and for a coffee is a little overpriced.

Most of the time this Starbucks is the best place to relax after shopping in the big mall where is located! There’s outdoor seating in the shade with comfortable seats. There’s a small carousel for the kids, it can’t get better!




Suka Fruit Cocktail

Suka Fruit Cocktail is one of the best healthy breakfast places.  This nice little place has super cute staff and the location is stunning! The Yogurt Orange Juice combo is unique, but the best is for sure the super-pancake! The prices are very affordable and the portions are very generous with fresh ingredients and excellent quality!

The fresh fruit juice is amazing, also for taking away and the Cheescake is superb!








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