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Best Ethnic And Oriental Restaurants In Tenerife

First of all, what’s ethnic and oriental restaurants‘ characteristics and origins? Which ones are the most common worldwide?

Ethnic food is what’s considered ethnic cuisine outside of its home country. For instance, so Italian food, Mexican food and Chinese food are not considered ethnic cuisines by those in their respective countries, so it is in the other way around.

Authentic cuisine reflects the culture it’s from, and could be more worth than what’s trending and popular. It’s still the baseline for food because when it comes to judging a traditional meal, it is judged by intention, care, and knowledge that goes into creating the dish.

To be defined authentic, an ethnical restaurant must have dishes made with the right ingredients, prepared with the proper equipment, served on the right dishware, and presented in the within a characteristic environment. talking about popularity around the world, Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food in a number of states, especially on the West Coast USA but Chinese food is more popular worldwide.

In Tenerife Oriental restaurants’ list you will find a fusion of different ethnical dishes. These include Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese dishes that will have you coming back for more. The food has awesome flavors and it will be more delicious if accompanied by a great drink like beer or Sakè.


Pekin Garden

This restaurant is very nice. They have delicious food, and they charge a reasonable price. Plus, they’re always very friendly and don’t charge you for the wine on certain occasions. The food tastes delicious and they have a wide variety. If you don’t like something, just ask the staff and they will more than happy to oblige. The location is excellent because there is a great view of the beach, harbor and sunset at night.


Hacienda Miranda

Mexican food has a multitude of different flavors and textures. At Hacienda Miranda you’re instantly transported to Mexico surrounded by tacos, fajitas, and margaritas. Hacienda Miranda is your next recommended gastronomic destination and it among the best Mexican restaurants in Las Americas, serving up all the delicious foods you crave while providing outstanding service.


Restaurant 88

Restaurant 88 specializes in creating an unforgettable ethnic dining experience. They use the highest quality ingredients, attention to detail and intricate Asian flavour combinations to make sure you love your experience every time you dine here. Passion and experience go into their dishes. They have chefs who have been working at the restaurant since its opening in 2011. The restaurant boasts dishes with exciting, traditional flavors.


Imperial Tai-Pan

You can choose to dine inside this restaurant or outside. Inside, you will enjoy modern Oriental décor, lively atmosphere and a chef preparing Teppanyaki right in front of you. Outside has both covered and open areas for you to relax. This is a family-friendly restaurant with children’s menu. More, if you are looking for an original brunch, you can experience the interesting menu that the chefs have created: a perfect light lunch with the finest ingredients and a diverse offer for all your senses.



Mandarin Restaurant in Playa de las Américas is a local gem. Great service and food that tastes great. If you want good food at a reasonable price in Tenerife, this is the place. The dishes are cooked fresh and the food quality is good. A nice change from overpriced tourist areas. The portions and prices of the food are great. The service is also very good. When you order, they will show you how to do it very kindly.


Little India Tenerife

One of the best Indian restaurants in Los Cristianos. The food is incredibly flavorful, and the staff is attentive and kind. The delicious menu and well-prepared dishes are a delight. Everything from the Tikka Chicken to the staff is enjoyable and satisfying.

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