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7 Best Tenerife Windsurf Schools in El Médano

First things first: what is windsurfing? Let´s say that if you´re looking for an activity to do when the waves are flat, windsurfing can be a great option. In fact, it has the potential to be enjoyed in harps and lakes without requiring surf-like conditions, which is simply amazing!  In simple terms, it can be […]

The best 6 Surf-House in Playa De Las Americas

Looking for a holiday among the waves? Let’s take a look at the 5 Surf-Houses we selected in Playa de las Americas!     First of all, what is a surf house? Surf houses are basically hostels made available to surfers, sea lovers, and water sports enthusiasts, where they can both find accommodation and share […]

The Best Surf Spot in Tenerife South

  Let’s see which are the best surf spot in Tenerife South! With cheap surf holidays and affordable car rental, Tenerife is a great short-haul destination and it has always been considered “the European Hawaii“.   Photo by www.surfcamp.it The main season is for sure September to March when our magic Atlantic Ocean produces the […]

4 Best Surf Shop in Playa de Las Americas

These are the 3 best surf shops in Playa de Las Americas, let’s check them out! The Tenerife surf break varies with the north shore being exposed perfectly to the cross-Atlantic currents and the west coast with her beautiful shallow volcanic reefs. You would be able to drive and find many beaches for someone who […]

17 surf-school in Playa De Las Americas Tenerife

Let’s check which are the best surf school in Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife! www.santacruzfotolab.com Tenerife: one of the main destinations for surfing in the Canary Islands! Las America has gained popularity over recent years. The different types of waves that adapt to any level of surfing, as well as the climate and environment, have […]

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