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Ego Galeria Creativa: what a refreshing new place in town !

In the last six months, a new very interesting place has just opened in the famous surfer zone of Calle Mexico in Playa De Las Americas: Ego Galeria Creativa! The unique interior with particular and high-quality street art and the very nice staff led by the very nice Polish Martina makes this place one of […]

7 Gamerooms In Tenerife You Didn’t Know Of

First of all, what are entertaining game rooms? Discover the best and the most originals in Tenerife. Gamerooms are public places that are primarily used for fun and enjoyable moments shared with friends. Games in these rooms typically work by coins or tokens and last for a certain period of time. They offer a variety […]

Where Are The Best 8 Skateparks In Tenerife?

First thing first, let’s see the origins and real definition of a skatepark. Whether you are a beginner or a crazy skater, here you’ll find a little bit of everything about skateparks and their origins since the beginning of time. A skatepark is a space in which skaters can perform tricks on ramps known as […]

Best Bike, Scooter and E-Scooter Rentals in Tenerife

First thing first, why you should go for a bike, scooter, and e-scooter rentals instead of a car in Tenerife? From a driver’s standpoint, parking in Tenerife is a nightmare. The local authorities seem to do things purposefully to make life difficult for drivers as they provide no viable alternative. Parking spaces mysteriously disappear every year to be […]

Best Ethnic And Oriental Restaurants In Tenerife

First of all, what’s ethnic and oriental restaurants‘ characteristics and origins? Which ones are the most common worldwide? Ethnic food is what’s considered ethnic cuisine outside of its home country. For instance, so Italian food, Mexican food and Chinese food are not considered ethnic cuisines by those in their respective countries, so it is in […]

Best Must-go Beaches and Natural Pools (Charcos) In Tenerife

First thing, how many beaches and natural pools (charcos) are there in Tenerife and Canary Islands? The Canary Islands have over 500 beaches, ranging in their different types and colors. On the beaches, you can sunbathe, swim, or enjoy a variety of other activities and sports. There are beaches for every type of person or plan that […]

Best Tattoo and Piercing Shops In Tenerife

First of all, what’s the origin of tattoo and piercing? Piercings, tattoos, and other types of body decoration have been around since ancient times. Body piercing involves making a hole in the skin so that jewelry can be inserted. Ear piercings are common, but any parts of the body can be pierced. Tattoos are made […]

6 Of The Best Disco for Party In Tenerife

First thing first, what does it mean to party in Tenerife? To party is to enjoy yourself and have a good time, especially at a social event while drinking good cocktails, dancing and sharing memorable moments with your friends. All of this is framed by stunning locations with amazing sunsets and people who really live their […]

4 Best Rooftop Terrace Bars in Tenerife

The ultimate Rooftop Terrace Guide for Tenerife

A great way to sit comfortably while still having a spectacular view, rooftop terrace bars offer Tenerife’s most unique pursuits! Find out all the best ones in this guide. If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife and you’re looking for an escape from the crowded streets below, and if you want to enjoy a touch […]

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