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The best 6 Surf-House in Playa De Las Americas

Looking for a holiday among the waves?

Let’s take a look at the 5 Surf-Houses we selected in Playa de las Americas!



First of all, what is a surf house?
Surf houses are basically hostels made available to surfers, sea lovers, and water
sports enthusiasts, where they can both find accommodation and share their
passion. They provide dormitories and a common room, where people can connect,
share their interests and carry out many group activities, which can range from yoga to
volleyball or even skate; and that ́s not even all!

Besides the accommodation, all the necessary equipment can be hired inside the
structure and you´re given the opportunity to train with the best surf teachers on a daily basis.





The best part is that most of them are within walking distance of the best spots and
beaches, which makes the surf house a real paradise for wave fans!
Not surprisingly, Playa de las Americas can be considered the capital of surf houses,
as it offers a choice so varied to meet any preference and need.



Located only 30 meters from the sea, Shaka Surf is definitely a top-tier.
Founded in 2021 by the collaboration of the surfers Ciro and Marcos, it ́s already
  considered among the best throughout Tenerife and rated 5 out of 5 on trip advisor!
The winning feature of Shaka Surf is the large number of services it offers, as both
surf school and surf house: in fact, the structure provides a package of a 7-night stay,
which gives access to rooms with comfy beds and usually a private bathroom.

Besides a space where you can rest after a long day of surfing, there´s a common area where
you can spend your free time chatting with other residents, drinking, watching the
performances of the day or themed movies; this makes Shaka Surf the perfect match
between training, relaxation,  and social gatherings.




Let´s not forget about the incredible instructors,
     certified by the Canary Surf Federation ( with over 20 years of experience in the field ),

the amazing sup and kayak excursions along the volcanic coast and the chance of snorkeling with turtles.
Last but not least, you can rent all the necessary equipment for your water activities
and eventually, add a photoshoot done by professionals, to preserve all the best moments.


Check their location here!




Right in front of the beach the SurflineClub surfhouse gives you the perfect spot to have the easiest access to the Las Americas surf main breaks. Perfect for single people and couples !

Contact the SuperHost Jacopo to reserve your trip +34 603 27 41 11





” Surfing is not just sharing waves but also sharing good food and loud laughs “
perfectly sums up what Surf Life is all about. Not so far from the shore, the school is
part of the Canarian Surf Federation and its purpose is to convey a love for the sea and
nature through sport. The surf house was born from the collaboration with the ” Hostel
La Tortuga ” is located in Playa Fañabè, which is certainly one of the most beautiful 
residential locations in southern Tenerife. The structure is characterized by two typical
Canarian villas, with a large number of common areas, both outdoors, such as the pool,
the garden, the lovely terrace, and indoors, like the kitchen. 




The camp provides both private and shared rooms depending on one preference but every package includes 
a 7-night stay, access to surf and yoga lessons, and a transfer to reach the sea.
If you enjoy being around other people and participating to social events, Surf life has
definitely what you are looking for: barbecues, live music, and even a flamenco bar,
organized every once a week.


Click here to find their location!






The Volcano surf camp is a concept that focuses as much on improving your surf level
as on enjoying your holidays in a calm and friendly environment, where many different
activities can be done. It´s a perfect location for those who prefer to stay slightly
outside the center, as it´s only a six minutes drive from the playa. The accommodation
offers not only a place to spend the night but also chill areas, a fully equipped kitchen
, and free wi-fi to surf online at any moment.



    The classes start early in the morning at
the Volcano Surf Center ( Playa de las Americas ), held by kind and caring teachers,
ready to give their best advice and make their lessons fun and accessible to your
level. All the equipment can be rented daily at a good price and besides surfing, the
the school offers other activities that will allow you to discover the island, such as:
snorkeling, cliff diving, yoga, stand-up paddle, and surf-long skate.


Location here!






This one is definitely for those who like chic alternatives. La Surf Villa represents a new
concept of surf house, that is no longer a hostel format accommodation but a whole
complex to rent, for you and all your squad! Very close to the famous Siam Park and a
few minutes drive from the best spots, the villa has the capacity to accommodate up to
15 people, a private bar and pool, barbecue, chill area, jacuzzi, ping pong, pool table
, and much more. Sounds great, doesn´t it?




If you have a penchant for stunning views, you can also rent an extra attic, from which
you can admire the entire landscape over the sea.
Wait for the icing on the cake! The villas’ tenant is the Canarian surfer and influencer
Lewis Leadbetter ( also rewarded as super host on Airbnb ) will surely give you all
the useful advice you need on the best schools, beaches, and shops.

You can check their website clicking here!

and location!


Fun and professional teachers, good vibes, and ” Pura Vida “: right in the heart of
las Americas and only a few steps from the Atlantic ocean, you will find the Ika Ika Surf
Club, one of the main schools on the island. Like all the best surf clubs, in addition to
training, it also offers accommodation for those who want to live an unforgettable
experience in and out of the waves. The Point surf club, at only 180 meters from the
school, is characterized by a chill and comfortable atmosphere, thanks to the
international team, the Pura Vida lifestyle, and the breathtaking sea view.




Everything is designed to let you rest and regain energy after a long day in the water: comfy beds
and pillows, a common area with big sofas and tv, where you can chill and socialize, and even a fully equipped kitchen. Given the presence of remote work environments,
the Point turns out to be the perfect accommodation, not only for surfers but also for
digital nomads, which makes this clubhouse a melting pot of different ways of living.
The ” Surf and Stay ” package also includes yoga classes, a practice increasingly used
by surfers to improve their performances.


Check their location here!



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