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6 Awesome Surf Back Massage in Playa De Las Americas

Did you know that the quality of your performance can greatly improve thanks to a
sports massage?

The great effort that goes into maintaining balance and an upright position on the
surfboard usually causes a severe body tension during and at the end of each training,
which in the long run can cause lower back, chest and sciatic nerve pain.

To prevent
any injury, the habit of going to a massage therapist is spreading more and more
among surfers, especially one hour or two before riding the first wave.
That´s why back massage turns out to be the perfect solution for those who have to
deal with this problem, as it helps the body to recover faster, improves flexibility,
mental concentration and mood.

Since surfing is the most popular sport practised in southern Tenerife, finding a
massage salon won´t be a big deal at all!

However, if you want to know which are the
best ones, here´s a guide on Playa de las Americas!


Hit Global Massage

The Hit global Massage Center has as its main objective the well-being and health improvement of each client, not only through massages but also through stretching and postural correction exercises, in order to prevent knees and shoulders pain, in addition to a balanced diet proposed by a nutritionist. They also offer osteopathy and release of the chakras sessions, which turn out to have incredible benefits on mood and concentration, as well as online courses held by health coaches. 

Click here to see their location! 

Titinian Thai Massage 

The Titian Center offers the best of Thai tradition: this kind of massage can help with deep bodywork that helps you restore your energy and be in a better place mentally. The technique used is both pressure and stretching and follows the body´s energy lines, which is essential for achieving deep relaxation.

In addition to this, back and neck massages are also very much in vogue, allowing the client to dissolve the torso´s tensions and allow it to support the axis of the body.

Find their location by clicking here!

Sak Thong Thai Massage & Therapy Tenerife 

A combo of high qualified professionals and Thai culture: this is the Sak Thong Thai Massage Center, which has been providing the best service to its customers since 2010.

As a client, you´ll have access to different types of massage, starting from decontracting, which helps reduce muscle tension and improve posture, to the traditional beck, neck, and shoulders massage. The latter has the task of improving blood circulation and therefore reducing stress, which is very useful for those who play sports where a lot of effort and concentration are required.

You´ll find their exact location here!

Wellness Tenerife 

Rated 5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor, the Wellness Center is known for its certified massage therapists and the impeccable quality of service. The main massages that can be accessed are relaxing and sports massage, which can be considered a cross between the Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage, which allows you to release chronic tension in the shoulders and back, which is definitely great news for surfers! 

Looking for their location? Type here!

Emporium Hibiscus Massage 

With outstanding reviews, the Emporium Hibiscus Massage has reached the top thanks to the large number of massages it offers. First of all, the sports massage can be optimal both before and after an athletic performance, as it performs both a preparation function to prevent injuries, and to increase concentration and mood. Even the traditional back, shoulders and neck massage can be a good alternative, with the task of relieving pain concentrated in those areas. 


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