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4 Best Surf Shop in Playa de Las Americas

These are the 3 best surf shops in Playa de Las Americas, let’s check them out!

The Tenerife surf break varies with the north shore being exposed perfectly to the cross-Atlantic currents and the west coast with her beautiful shallow volcanic reefs. You would be able to drive and find many beaches for someone who loves surfing. If you’re looking for something new to explore, you won’t want to miss it.

But if you have not brought your board from home, where is actually the best surf shop to get ready with all your surfing equipment?

Tenerife has plenty of surf shops, ranging from those found on the southern resorts to in the port town on the north side of the island. You can find countless shops that offer a vast variety of products, so you’ll want to be sure to do some research before choosing where to buy your next surfboard.

Tenerife’s two major shoreline resorts, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje are home to some of the best surf shops on the island, especially in the famous surfing street of Calle Mexico.

You can also find great shops in Puerto Santiago on the Island’s north side.


Palm Beach 

With no doubt the best surf service in the south of Tenerife for brand new equipment. It has been one of the first shops to open in Calle Mexico, the official street of surfing of South Tenerife.

They do have a superb number of quality brand boards like Machado, All Merrick, Slater Design, Quicksilver gears, Skateboards, SurfSkate, and a lot of very good quality surf-clothing material, even for kids.

You can also rent used boards and you can also change your board if the size of the waves changes during the day,  the local Canarian staff is very prepared to recommend to you what to do and where to go. They are very helpful and kind. Dinho is the owner, a very good Brazilian surfer that moved here more than 15 years ago. But it’s better you don’t drop him in the line-up!

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Dinho & CairoSurferboy

Surf Shop Underground Tablas De Surf De Segunda Mano


Very good prices and a very friendly and professional team.

Located in Playa de la Américas, SurfShop Underground Tablas De Surf De Segunda Mano may prove to be your only surf gear shop during your stay. Featuring a wide selection of surfboards and wetsuits, the cute little boutique proved to be satisfying to our surf needs. Its position is kind of hidden down in the gallery of the building “Parque Santiago II” right next to and down to the DialPrix supermarket.

The prices are very good and the owner Mauricio is a very nice Uruguayan guy with a lot of experience in surfing. He also makes surf lessons and he will provide you with all the information you will need for your sesh. Maurizio is very attentive, friendly, and helpful and will give you the best deal if you looking to buy second surf gear.

*** His concept to buy and sell surf gear for your holidays is great and better than renting any gear.

And the selling is great, they offer more than 200 used boards and any kind of surf equipment!

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Rip Cur

Rip Curl is one of the largest apparel manufacturing and distribution companies in Australia. The company was founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, initially where they manufactured products for surfers. In 1970, they decided to start making wetsuits, with a great emphasis on the technology used to create wetsuits suitable for surfing. Rip Curl has grown into one of the largest brands in Australia, Europe, and South America and is rapidly expanding into North America.

This shop in Las America is located just in front of one of the main local spots of Las America: the famous “Derecha” right next to the Metropolis Bar. The location is super cool to watch the surfers all day or try to skate in front of the store. The local street scene is perfect, smooth, and has plenty of challenges if you want them.  The Staff is very friendly contrary to what they say. Breath and relax. You can also find awesome bikinis, T-shirts, and shorts for reasonable prices.


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Fitenia Surf Shop is a store with apparel, board, and accessories from the world of surfing. They have been the best in business for many years since 1983. Board gamers come here for unique items and high-quality equipment.

Everything is very nice and tidy. a fantastic surf shop with top-quality brand materials and very good service from Carlos and his team.

In fact, attention is excellent: when you shop, they give you a  parking ticket to park your car !! Nice!!

You can watch the shop inside in this video here!


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